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      This was love at first sight


me stood still as my heart began pacing at abnormal speeds. I looked into her eyes and saw eternity. Her hair was as dark as the darkest hour in the night. Her face was as beautiful as the moonlit sky. Her eyes were a deep brown, as deep as the oceans deepest water, holding within them secret wonders unknown. And her skin was as creamy as the color it resembled, caramel. It was as if I had stepped into heaven and seen its first angel. The path from me to her seemed short and effortless to the naked eye. But to me, it was a struggle between strength and will. As I approached the empty desk beside her, my body began to weaken from her presence. As if her aura was sucking me dry of my ability to walk and move. My legs began to tremble from the weight of my zombie-like body. What was wrong with me? This feeling of nervousness aggravated me to a point where my conscience was screaming at me. “It’s just another human being!” my conscience exclaimed.“A female at that!”As I came to my senses I did not realize that I was positioned in the middle of the classroom. “Excuse me, sir!” Someone exclaimed.I turned around only to see that it was my new teacher. He was a short, round-looking man with short black hair and a shrill voice. “Excuse me,” he said once again. “What’s your name?”“Andre, sir. Andre Maple,” I answered. “Well good for you, now fined yourself a seat and fast because you’re late,” he said. As I turned back around to proceed to my destination, I had completely forgotten about the girl. My body suddenly went weak again, but I pushed on, dragging my body on pure will alone. My mind began arguing to itself like there was a political election taking place. It seemed like an eternity before I finally reached the desk. I sat down. The teacher proceeded to his lecture before my embarrassing, unearthly entrance. As he spoke, his words seemed like a bunch of mishmash and jumble going through my ears. I couldn't’t focus on his little speech with the most stunning creature I’I have ever laid eyes on sitting right behind me. I had to look at her face if only for one more time. I turned around and looked into her as if looking into a priceless treasure. As I looked at her, my world suddenly stood still as if time had come to a halt and my life became that moment.   “Hi,” I finally let out.It seemed like slow motion in my world, but she looked up ever so slowly. Her eyes changed there focus from her paper, to me. My heart sank beneath my weakened corpse; the bones beneath the tendons beneath the muscles began to ache. I was lifeless. She looked at me with the most astonishing smile that I’v ever seen in my entire existence and said, “Hello.” She had given me the world in one word. From then on I knew that she had to be mine and mine alone. As the quote states, “This was love at first sight, love everlasting: a feeling unknown, unhoped for, unexpected.” Thomas Mann.


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