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      Sad story, so true


My life has become a sad story. I wake up in the morning, and I know it sounds overdramatic, but I pour the bowl of Cheerios for my kids, and cry.

I can't bare the sight of daylight, my world is so dark. My mother knows this is not drama, this is true, she took my three kids, Sean, Shane, ( 3 year old twins), and Kami, 6 to stay with her for awhile.

The love of my life is gone. He and I were married, 8 years and we had the perfect marriage. I was shocked when I called his insurance company, and they asked if I was the person on the policy, Gina. No, I said, I am Mary. Gina who? OPPS! BIG OPPS!

So my husband told me it must be a mistake. Then I started getting explanations of benefits from the insurance about a son Dylan. I called them, I have no son listed as Dylan. OPPS! BIG One!

Dusty, my life love came clean. Somehow he had managed to carry Gina, her son Brandin, and their son Dylan on his insurance. My husband was practically married to another woman. They have a four year old son together! And now a 3 month old daughter Erisha. I am still shocked and confused. How will I live or breathe?

I can't barely even begin to believe this has happened, much less face a night without him, much less believe he is already getting remarried, and has other kids. What do you do when your whole life falls apart?

I have my kids to live for...but I don't want to live.


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