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      Pain is temporary, but life goes on.


r as long as I can remember, pain was never an issue for me I had strengthened and trained my mind and body to withstand any torture, to endure any pain. I had completely withstood beatings that left everlasting scars, ran distances nobody should have to run, and lifted weights no child should think about lifting. I was told to stay strong and to never show weakness. That all pain comes with a reward. “Pain is temporary,” they would say, “but life goes on.” In my most painful experiences, however, none compare to the hurt that was bestowed upon me; and this harm had no reward, only heartache. The day begins like normally as I proceed through my first and second period class. As I make my way through the school, I cannot shake the feeling that something is wrong. I can’t help but think that the world is revolving in a new circle and I’m about to fall off.  My mind continues to wonder as I enter weight training, my third period class. As I workout, my unknown wonder begins to thicken and grow as if to overshadow my entire mind with that one thought alone. Even after class ended and the lunch bell rang to go to lunch, my mind still wouldn't’t break from the unknown presence of malevolence.“Bing, Ring, Ring, Ring!” The final bell rings for everyone to go to their final class. I stand ever so slowly as to look around for the fastest exit out of the cafeteria. I walk through the double doors into the entry of the hallway when and that’s when I saw something that my eyes could never forget. My eyes focused upon two hands engulfed around each other. My heart began to pound against my chest with brute force as if to break through and scream of its sudden pain. I look and it’s my previous love holding the hand of another as if to connect there souls. I hold back emotions knowing they’ll only bring me more resentment and hatred toward the situation. The hardest part was putting on a vague smile upon my face in hopes that my sudden upset would not show. The rest of my day was unbeknown to me, for I was an unconscious wanderer walking amongst the crowds.  My mind has become full of emotions and thoughts of love and heartbreak. As the days go on, that indescribable pain rises like smoke from an inferno. To make it all worse, my days are everlasting, for I sleep no more, I eat very little, and I have no more joyous expressions left in my appearance. It was if my soul was torn from my flesh, leaving me two thoughts to dwindle upon; memory from lost love, and reunification between lovers. It is as if love has crippled me and the only thing keeping me stable is will. Hopefully in time my soul will regenerate and my heart will heal, for pain is temporary and life goes on.    


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