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Me and my boyfriend were perfect together everything was great till one day at our school the alarms went off and we all had to stand outside well he was standing with his friends and i was standing with mine and i look at him to see if he would come give me a hug but instead he just smiles at me. the day before he had sent me a letter saying not to be jealous of his friends that they were just friends and i thought well ok i wont be jealous well anyways back to the story i had hugged a good friend of mine and i guess he saw and he got jealous well i didnt know that he was gonna get jealous i thought he was just gonna blow it off well i went to his classroom to give him a hug but he took a step back and said i dont want a hug from you and i asked him why but all he said was you know why so bye and he left. I was very angry at him but then 2nd period came and he was holding hands with another girl what was with that??


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