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      I knew i Loved you before i met you...


im such a playgirl and i really don't know why i'm not contented with just one

guy..i have a friend and she's very religious..her name is Rose and she

always told me that what im doing is not good.So,she introduced me to his

friend,weng,thinking that i might change..weng courted me and we had a

relationship and while we're on,Rose is telling me that she has a friend that's nice and arouses my curiousity but she said that Weng is already my bf so there's no need for me to know her "nice friend".


Weng and I only lasted for a month and we broke up,Rose knew about this

and she introduced me to her other friend,EJ,courted me again and we

became on and again,out of the blue,Rose again mentioned about her

friend "mr.nice"and again,im committed..2 months had passed and EJ and

I broke up.months still passed and Rose and I lost communication.


One day,she called me and we tell a lot of stories and she mentioned about

her "nice friend again.This time,i did not let her go without knowing Mr.Nice's

name..she said that it's "Bhronz".I asked for the mobile # of Bhornz but she

did not give it to me and said that she'll ask permission from Bhornz first.


I waited for days,weeks and months until again i forgot about Bhornz..


I got a call one day from a stranger and since i was sleeping,i wasn't

able to tt him but my sister did..when i woke up preparing for work,my sis told that a guy named Bhornz called and is asking for me..


I was really excited but still waited for his call..he called and didn't let him know that im really excited to talk to him...we became friends and he

courted me but the excitement is not there already..


He did not call me for weeks and im not sure if i missed him or not..

He called me one day and he seems so sad,


I asked why and she confessed that she has a gf who wants to commit

suicide,said that the girl doesn't want to end their relationship but they

had to because the girl is already married..I got hurt knowing the fact that

she has a gf already..We had a heart to heart talk and suddenly,i felt that

i love him..


The issue with him and the married girl has ended and i gave him my

yes eventually..


He was the best thing that ever happened to me..we've been together for

almost 7 months now and wants us to get married..I said yes and

we're preparing for it..


I still asked about the married girl and she said that he's into that

relationship because she's waiting for Rose to give him my mobile #..:-)




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