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      2 lads in my life


well i met him about 5months ago in a shopping centre. he was a tall, 6ft plus dark haired handsome man. he was beautiful. i let my imagination run away with me in a split second. then i came back to the real world. anyway about 4 days later i was in a bar and i saw him again coincidentally. he looked gorgeous. i ran straight to the toilet's to scrub my self up check everything was in place. i went back out and i stood next to him at the bar. and i look right at him in the eyes and i friezed dint know what to do or say. until he said "hi". anyways we got talking for about 2 hours our mates had carried on through the night so there was just us to together. i was really enjoying my self, it was the best night of my life so far. after a few more hours went on it was getting late, and he kindly offered me to his house for some more drink. i straight away said of course. so we got to his house and i screwed the shit out of him and he came all over my face. i sucked his member so hard he was screaming. but it turns out he was married what shud i do .


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