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      Leaving somebody you love


I met a wonderful man, through friends, he put me on a pedestal. I thought I had finally found my soul mate . We did everything together for the first couple of years. I really loved him dearly.

After 8 years I left him, it was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. My man has a very serious drinking problem, like with any other illness, the symptoms only get worse. Our relationship together came to me watching him slowly kill himself with booze. I could do no more for him, or the relationship. I decided I had to leave, I was so empty, broken hearted. I still love this man, I love myself more.

I know if I had stayed one more day I would not have made it out, how do you leave somebody you love? When you ''know'' you have done everything you can, and even giving all the love in your heart, you leave it to GOD. I spent so much time telling this man how talented he was, what a dear man he was, I lost me... I have found a big part of me since leaving, I am getting stronger every day. I still miss him, I missed myself more at the end. I hope this makes sense to somebody because it has left me very confused and hurt.


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