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      Heart would go on..


    The incident which took place was enough proof how i loved him.But i didn't say it,it was the best way for everyone,Micael,Sid and me.

    After that tragic night my life became more complicated and difficult ,for Sid knew I loved him.If i didn't i would not have reacted in a childish way which would later on ruin everything.

    When I told Micael about what had happened,I didn't want to hide it from him.Deep inside I felt fear and anxiety.I wanted him to dump me.For a moment,Micael was speechless and stormed out of my house after calling me an unfaithful person worse than all his ex girl friends.He accused me of running after Sid and deceiving him,he used foul language.I felt sad and happy.I was sad to loose Micael,so calm and caring.I was excited for I would be free to be with Sid.

     After the confession,I went out in the hope of bumping into Sid.I was gone only to a few steps when i spotted Sid.I told him the whole story.He was overjoyed with hapiness and proposed me to be his girl friend.Without a thought I accepted his offer since i was happy.I thought that was the end of the complications and we could live happily ever after.

      The next day I saw Micael lurking around my apartment.He said he was sorry and that he understands that whatever had happened between Sid and me was an accident.He apologised and asked to take him back.I felt great sorrow  to let down him but I said it was too late.He wouldn't listen.....

He would come with bleeding cuts and cry infront of me.

     I felt very sad for him,I had a feeling that since I had been with Micael for long I should give him a chance.I couldn't bear to see someone so kind in pain.So I summoned the courage to tell Sid,he was devastated.

    But Sid wouldn't go out of my life despite what i had done.I was left with one choice,to lie.What I did was ask Micael and Sid to come to my place at the same time.I was feeling miserable but i had to do it.When Sid said i was involved with him after Micael and me had the big fight.I denied it and said i was never his girlfriend nor did i think of him in such a way and only he was after me.And i never loved unfair.

    Sid felt so dissapointed that he left saying i am a liar,unfaithful two timer. I stood heads up though my heart was grieving and wanting his comfort.I wanted Sid to forget me and save Micael from bodily harm;both guys were mad and couldn't think straight.I did it in the hope of spending my life with Micael since I thought he loved me back then, and i was unaware about his dark history and present.

    From that day on,I still saw Sid on his way to his job as a police.I made sure i peek a glance at him every day or i would be depressed.Even he would glance up at my apartment usually with a blank expression,that is what i deserve.Atleast he does it after everything.

   Micael began drifting apart from me.He would nit show up for some dates which made me question about my decision to let Sid suffer.When Sid sees me he would understand if i am sad,he would ask where 'lover boy' is and mock sayin 'Your love is an example,you would last as a couple forever,the world will see'.It was painful but i had to keep my distance from Sid or Micael would attempt to harm Sid like he does when a guy stares at me........

     Almost four days passed without any news from Micael.Where was he? He isnt answering the cell phone.Sid hates me.Why is my life turning upside down?What is happening(TO BE CONTD)


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