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      True Love


It was sophmore year in High School...We were both fifteen. I wasnt supposed to be in class with her, but i soon found out that football wasnt my sport so i dropped my weight lifting class and was enrolled in english 100. This is where we met. In our class we always had to be in groups. It always seemed like no matter how far we sat apart from each other, when it came time to pair up we some how were attracted to each other; like magnets... This class time is where we got to know each other a little better. After a while we both started to feel something, something more than a friendship. I was kind of scared to ask her, but she eventually left me no choice but to ask her out....When we started dating it was like magic, we connected in so many different ways. So she was not only very attractive but she shared some common interests. A month turned into two ; then before we knew it we came to the conclusion that what we had was love....It was beautiful. It wasnt all fairytellaish but it was good....My parents said that i wasnt focusing on things that were important, but to me She was just as important as school, work etc... I started to loose all of my focus and my parents didnt like this so they didnt want me to see her anymore....But that didnt stop us..we were in wreckless love.....I eventually got my head on straight and got my things together.....My senior year i had to move schools and this is where we took or first downfall.....We couldnt see each other that much, and I dont think our love was ready for it....After graduation i moved out of town to work....And this is where i lost the concept of LOVE and how you are supposed to stick it out....i broke up( one of the biggest mistakes of mylife) But it wasnt long until we were back at it..We went to the same college it was weird at first then we started to hangout more and more...Our connection began to flourish again....i eventually asked her back out...She said YES... and im not goin to has been bumpy since then but it has been TRUE LOVE....we are still going strong to this day. Since Sophmore year...we are now sophmores in college....We are happy and before we graduate we plan to be engaged... True love still exists.....

Love you KREM!


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