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      If she only knew of this love


I gazed into her dark brown eyes, wanting nothing more than to be trapped with her in eternal bliss. Her perfume engulfed every sense in my body. My spine tingled, my hand slid through her smooth hair and drifted to her soft rosy cheeks. Oh how her wonderful lips glistened in the warm moonlight. We embraced. So many thoughts raced through my mind. She pulled against my chest. So warm, and loving. One thought remained and echoed over and over. Is this love?

We sat on an old, weather beaten picnic table, slowly melting into sweet oblivion. So comfortable, so safe, and at that moment, so in love. A brilliant moon, the soft chattering of crickets, and a warm breeze with the hint of newly fallen dew set the stage for an unforgettable lapse in time. Surely this is love.

She peered deeply into my eyes as if she were searching my very soul. We pulled even closer, never losing eye contact. Our noses brushed. A momentary pause. If this is some dream, please never wake up. I was lost in you. A resounding echo. Is this love? Ever so softly, like the warm breeze that began to tease her hair, replied: surely this is love.

Our lips met. A flood of emotions swelled inside. I pulled her closer, never wanting to leave. Her lips were so soft, so moist, so full of love and promise. Everything that I needed, wanted, and loved. My hand rested on the side of her rosy cheek. I held her so softly, yet so close. Our bodies quivered. We kissed deeper. My heart raced, our breath slowly dwindling. This has to be love.

I left the next day. The pain was almost unbearable as I stepped onto that plane. I left my heart with her. Separated by a whole continent, my love has never wandered. Things changed, people changed, by my undying love remained the same.

If only she felt the same. If only I had another chance. Not so. A continent was too much. The words which whispered on all of my thoughts slowly departed. Heartache replaced love. The pain still rises and sets as that beautiful pearl moon on that warm summer night. Her name triggers, to this day, memories which will forever be etched in my mind.


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