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      Lovers united


OK im 14 and i went out with a boy over the summer before 8th grade and i loved him and we were perfect for eachother...but my ex-bestfriend was very jealous so for that reason she told me that he wanted to break up with me and she told him that i wanted to break up with him! and it was totally not i went back to school and kind of shoved him to the back of my mind i guess and i met someone else but i always liked him and missed anyways me and this other boy start going out in october and in about old boyfriend told me he still loved me and that he wanted me back so i thought bout it for about 2 or 3 weeks and after much thought and alot of tears i finally broke up with my boyfirend of 4 months for my ex..and when i told him he immediatly asked me out and of course i said yes! and things could not be better for us...i love him and i know for a fact that he loves me and we are about 6 months from high school and we live about 10 blocks away from eachother i hope we work out!


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