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      The Music Of My Life


A lot of people think that at the age of 15 you are too young to feel true love. Well, I am 15, and I know that I am in love…

It all started when I was 12. I was put on the same desk with a guy I vaguely knew. His name was Peter. We gradually got to know each other, and we became best friends. Like all friendships, we had our ups and out downs, but we always overcame these. Many of our disputes were about music. We are both very musical, and we both play the flute and piano, he plays the organ as well.

It was not until I was nearly 14 that I realised I had feelings for him. My best friend, Imogen, told me that he felt the same. However, we were both really scared of admitting this to each other. 5 months later, he said something that really hurt me, and I refused to talk to him the next day. I didn’t know what to do because I’d bought him a present (it was his birthday the following day), but then I got an e-mail from him. It was really sweet, he apologised for being mean, he said he never meant to hurt me, that I was his everything, and that he loved me. I couldn’t believe it…I was so happy.

Anyway, we were both too shy to say anything. Until one day we went shopping with our friends Ann and Margaret, and I decided to bring it up when we were alone. It took a long time, we both had so much to say, and we were both scared, but finally, he asked me out!

One month later…and we are not talking for some petty reason. We ignored each other for three weeks, until he called the whole thing off. I was heartbroken. I couldn’t bear to think he didn’t love me any more.

Until a Christmas party…it was almost like old times, laughing with him, joking, being near each other. We played Truth or Dare, and I was asked whether I still liked him, and he was asked the same of me.

I talked to him after on MSN, and he said he never stopped loving me, he was just scared to admit it.

One month on, and we haven’t had the time to talk, but Imogen tells me he still loves me and wants to get back together. I sent him a note the other day saying how there’s still hope, how we should still keep going. And he replied with “Annie, you know how I feel…I’m so sorry, I have to go, my mum is watching us. Please, please don’t give up, Annie…I love you…”

We have to sort this out…he is everything I ever believed in. He is the only person I can say I’ve loved. And the best thing?

He loves me back.

Annie xxx


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