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This document that describing in detail how to breed a biological weapon was public available online for more than a month before the writer took it offline himself. ďIf we canít have sex then lets have fun killing people insteadĒ, as they say in the movie Dogma. I think itís the point of the whole ĎGod being a womaní and the way the movie ended, that women could have prevent the disaster if they werenít so picky. I think thatís the same point of that line she remembers in the end of the movie ďGlobal EffectĒ too. But it seems no woman came to save the day. But then again the writer also made a point (I think) of maybe women actually enjoy making guys explode and cause a blood bath and it seem like thatís why women think its fun to keep guys sexually starving on purpose and lead guys on and so they can disappoint them on purpose cos they seem thatís just fun for them to see if they can get the guy to explode and make a massacre.

I can understand those guys who just get enough one day and bring a uzi to school. After all if the bullies bring you to a point whre youíre better off killing yourself then why not make sure you take as many of them with you as possible. But why stop there. Why not optimise the number of deaths even further? Then first we can consider atomic bombs. But they are hard to get and they are also hard to make. And whats more is they are not even the most deadly weapons there are. Actually a biological weapon could kill many times more people than an atomic bomb because a contageous disease is not contained to limited radius but it can spread world wide. And besides it donít give women the satisfaction of anything blowing up or anyone getting maimed in any blood bath. People just get sick and die. In fact they said on tv sometime that if a epidemics like the plage in the middle ages broke out today it would cause so many deaths that it would compare to not just a nuclear bomb or a number of nuclear bombs but actually to the number of deaths in an entire small nuclear war. And whats more as the writer describes a disease like that would not even be very expensive or even very difficult to make:

I will sum up the main points of the text:

To breed a contageous disease you only have to use selective breeding to breed a string of virus that is as deadly as possible. You can test it on mice that are very easy to get and very cheap too.

What makes a virus optimally deadly is that it takes a long latency time from the mouse is infected and becomes contageous and until it shows any symptoms. That way infected people can carry the disease as far as possible and infect as many other people as possible before they find out they are infected.

To make a vaccine against the virus so you donít die yourself is also very simple. Because a vaccine is really just a very mild infection so you just need to thin it a lot.

Anyway the writer encouraged anyone to copy his hole website and give it to others. So I pass it on here now.

While We're Waiting For The Antiterror Squad...

Asuming, of course, that they even exist, and have any actual interest in preventing this... Actually I'm kind of surprised that apparently nothing whatsoever has been removed so far.. Maybe the authorities just haven't discovered yet? Though I would've expected someone to have alerted someone by now.. But then again; maybe someone have already tried, and with just as much luck as myself.. I can vividly imagine it:

"Hey, I would like to report an atempt to..." - "Just a moment. You'll be redirected to a different department... Duut duut duut..." - "Oh hello. It's about an atempted terrorist plot..." - "Oh, well then I'll put you through to the next department... Duut duut duut..." - "Hello? Is this the right place to report a..." - "Oh no, I'll put you through to another department..." - "Hello. I'd like to..." - "Hang on I'll reconnect you to the next department. And while you wait perhaps you'd be interested in participating in our interactive telephone quiz where you could be the lucky winner of an absolutely imaginary million!" - "Never mind..."

Anyways; while we're waiting for the antiterror squad I might as well go on to explain - just in case you want to know - how to cheaply build a set of production stables for selective bacteriologic breeding projects like the one described in the previous entry (that I keep on top of the "Fiction" page for now). I might add graphic sketches too, just to make it perfectly clear... - What's that? At this point suddenly they said that now I'm suddenly they don't wanna be part of this anyways and they're leaving... Hey, that's great! I've been making it very clear that I never wanted them chasing me around in the first place. So get the heck out of my life already. It'd be about frickin' time!..

Except experience so far don't encourage any kind of expectation that this is to be taken any more literal than any of all the other bullshit. I just saw on the Sims2 forum that that still hasn't stopped them.. Now, well, I could of course continue expanding the row of relevant names too.. But I'm sure anyone in the known could induce from the given where that whole thing is heading, so why not just skip to the conclusion and refer to the yellow pages right away...

Now... In order to breed an optimized viral disease (in the, absolutely hypothetical of course, case that you would have any reason for doing that) you need not just the nutritious base in which to breed the actual bacteria, but also test animals, in which to determine the effect on which you are selecting. Mice would be just fine as they are cheap and easy to acquire, and due to their small body mass have a very high metabolism, which means that any bodily process occur at a much higher speed than in larger animals. Thus a flu with a latency of, say, twenty days for humans, would only take a latency period of about one day for mice, before symptoms manifest themselves.

What's that? Suddenly they said that now all of a sudden "deal's off"... That's funny, cos actually it was I who had been insisting all the time that there never actually was any "deal" in the first place, and that by the way I have never been able to get any clear idea of what such a so called "deal" supposedly should imply anyways. But someone was sooo eager to overinterpret my each and every little burp... But obviously it's nice to know that even if there had been a "deal" (which there never was) then it's off now.. I'll be sure to remember that... Now, as I was saying...

The stables must of course be able to hold about 10-20 mice at the time; each in its own compartment which must be hermetically sealed off from each others. That means (in the hypothetical case case you were building it) you must seal all jointings and corners with silicon joint filler. One of the sides of each compartment should be removeable or it should be a hatch, so that each compartment can be opened up to clean it and replace the mice in between each iteration. You can make it airtight with rubber weatherstrips. Also the compartments would be easier to handle if the in- and out-bound ventilation pipes are detatcheable. Just remember that the sockets for them must be airtight too.

Each compartment should contain a shelve or similar for the nutrient. Eggs could be used, but since they quickly get rotten and smelly, I would suggest in stead something like, say, for example a mixture of jam and boulion: You could try out different food products in order to see which gaters the most bacteria most quickly. It must be placed so that air circulation passes air over the nutrient, but so that the mouse can't get to the nutrient. Cos otherwise you could very well just be breeding a disease that is merely infectious throug oral intake, but not through the air. So in the absolutely hypothetical case that you had any reason to be interested in building it, I'd suggest that the nutrient is placed behind a steel net (don't underestimate mice's ability to gnaw through anything made out of wood, cardboard, or plastic!)...

Which gets us to the ventilation; as each compartment should be ventilated such that air is cycled around between the nutrient shelve and the mouse's habitation space. Though air must not be able to pass between compartments, which means that there must be two seperate ventilation airpipes: One which transport fresh air into the compartments, and another which transport used air out from the compartments (and directly out of the house or appartment or whereever the experiment is conducted). If - hypothetically, of course - you were interested in building this, you'd only need one ventilator to pump air into the compartment, as the airpressure will then automatically push the used air through the outbound ventilation pipe.

What's that? Now all of a sudden they're getting cold feet? What's the matter? Wasn't it so very very important to them to "prove" the so called "necesity" of that there so called drift "law" by any means and at all costs?! And they kept pokin' and pokin' and pokin'.. But then all of a sudden the cost is too high or what?! No no no... Now that I've been doing all this time I don't see no reason I might not as well do the crime anyways... So now I might as well finish this... What I was saying:..

As for the conditions for the mice themselves you should first of all know that mice must be handled very carefylly: That means never ever grab around a mouse, both because you could easily risk breaking something, and secondly because such "enclosure" will distress the mouse. To pick up the mouse, in stead either let if climb onto your hand (if it's trusty enough) or grab it by the root of the tail near the butt (NOT by the tail end or at the middle of the tail!!) and be careful not to pinch it with your fingernails!

Mice are nocternal animals; lighting should be dim. Never ever place mice in direct sunlight. The floor of each compartment should be covered with a couple of layers of newspaper, and over that an at least 7 centimeters deep layer of wood shavings or (preferably) hay, or (even better) a layer of hay over a layer of wood shavings. Also, the mice should of course have access to food and water. As you can not open the compartments until at the end of each iteration, which may take several days, you should make it so that fodder and water can be replentied from the outside through a simple airlock.

Besides that each mouse also needs a hideout (no smaller than for example a tennis ball with an appr. 4 centimeter diameter entrance hole in it). Also the mice should have access to exercise and entertainment. I would recommend (in order of priority) a running wheel, and also something to climb in (I recommend branches cos they like to chew in them) and something hollow to crawl around in, (such as a cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper - or pet shops sell some drilled out pieces of wooden branch). Each compartment should be at least 20 x 30 centimeters (wall to wall) and 15 centimeters floor to ceiling, as a minimum.

The practical reason why all these minimum requirements are necesary is that to get the optimal result you don't want the mice to be stressed by other factors. In fact, since mice are social animals the best would be to keep two mice in each compartment for company. But then it has to be mice who already know each other well, such as mice from the same litter (if you do not wish to spend a couple of extra days in each shift on introducing them to each other, for example kept apart by a net or similar), or otherwise they will fight each other...

What's that? Now they suddenly don't want this and said that I'm misunderstandin cos the bodycount is not all that important and they actually just wanted something with lots of blood and fire like they enjoy so much... Yeah yeah, I know. But, well, there are so many things we'd like, isn't there... Like for examlpe there were a couple of things that I would have liked in my life too.. But, wasn't it themselves who had some absurd fix ideas about how it ougt to be between what you want and what you get. And, as it would seem to be the case, judging from previous experience; 'about, as a principle, never actually using positive reward other than as the object of empty promises.. Well, maybe a different approach would've made me more cooperative, but that's a bit late for that now, isn't it.. Now, as I was saying...

As for the bacteriologic breeding process itself, the procedure (in the hypothetical case that you would want to do something like that) is to install the mice in each its own compartment, and each compartment containing a fresh portion of uncontaminated nutrient. Then close each compartment, and introduce the initial virus; for example by breathing into the air-intake when you have a flu or a coomon cold.

Then wait till the mice gets sick. Whichever mouse gets most sick that is the compartment from which you should select the nutrient sample to be the basis for the next iteration, in which you do exactly the same; each time using the nutrition sample you selected from the previous iteration. - You can continue that way till you have bred a flu which kills all the mice. After that point you can start selecting based on the criterion of latency period; until you have a deadly flu which doesn't show in the mice until about 24 hours after infection.

After each iteration you'd then throw away all the other samples and all the mice into a plastic bag. To make sure no contaminated air escapes you should atach the plastic bag around the hatch with adhesive tape and then open the hatch inside the bag, to pour the content into the bag. Then you close the plastic bag tight by binding a knot on it, and begin the next iteration with a new set of fresh, uncontaminated nutrition samples in the mice's compartments, and a new set of mice. A way to make sure that it will infect humans too is to test it on an animal of a different species (ie. not a rodent): If it infects different species it may be asumed to infect humans too.

As for the mice from the previous iteration; the most humane way to kill them is by filling the plastic bag they're in with the exhaustion from a car or motorcycle or whatever you have access to. That is quick painless. They'll just fall asleep and die. Alternatively, if you don't have access to a motorized vehicle you can crush their heads with a hammer. Though if you have to use that way then make sure then that you get it right in the first try.

Anyways now you just about know anything you need to know to breed a biologic weapon of mass destruction - in the absolytely hypothetical case, of course, that you have a reason to wanna do such a thing. And now I am bored of this web page and of the idiot nazi bullies who have been reacting to it lately, and of writing for idiots who appear to have no interest in what I actually meant to say, but only in what they can make out of it. Just as bored as I am with women and with pseudo-democratic elections and other televized gameshows and sports events, and with just about anything else.. In so many words in fact now I am bored with expressing myself creatively at all cos there has never been neither money nor pussy in it for me anyways, and have no reason to expect there ever will be either. And now I'm way past my "best before" date, and that's why it's too late now anyways.

And so therefor, although I may not be able to prevent anyone from, in the future, making money off the works I have done so far, or getting some joy out of it, I can however abstain from making any more works in the future. And even if I can't then at the very least I can make damn sure that at least I don't do a good job of it... Though seriously that's just something I have to say to cover over the fact that I am propably not particularly talented (as also suggested by the fact that I have never been able to make a living off it. Duh!) and that my works aren't particularly origin alanyways (take this text, for example; I got it all the information off television and other media). So don't worry; by that token it's evidently no big loss anyways.

So now I think maybe I'll just leave this page as it is now. And then maybe I'll get arrested. If I don't die first. If nothing else then perhaps I'll die from boredom... Hope you'll enjoy the reality show.

'Hope all the scriptwriters won't take it the wrong way that I, let's say, used their writer's blockade as inspiration for my excuse for the fact that I just plane can't be bothered to work on this site, or in fact to work at all, anymore.. And speaking of the writer's bloc: Who needs television anyways. 'Hope you'll enjoy the reality show.


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