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      Undue love


Behind those erotic desires, scintillating nights that she shared with him stood a urge of neeta to be lost in his arms and to hear those magical words which was as somehow heaven to her. Was this too much to ask for? Is she really able to woo the man who never loved her. well that’s a twist in her tale. The story revolves around Neeta a highly educated and an average good looking gal and th one hapless damn unlucky in th ocean of emotions she had created for herself. Although heavily warned of th forthcoming disasters in her life she was th one who vouched to listen whatever her instincts ordered her.And although Nishant never reciprocated her feelings, there was no tinsel hope he would ever be on her side, romancing in th twilight. She knew all this but a really stupid girl struck by even th most emotion ever god has crafted she agreed to be with him just to satisfy his quench of lust.. sadly that was th only emotion or basic instinct whatever be its called he had for her…He had made it clear that this relationship has to has no name no identity just some sadistic sexual; pleasure.And that what she thought she should give it to his fantasies and desires…in a way she could make him happy, and in some way the thought of he feeling her filled her with ecstasy unbound…Those days were fun…she knew the days will come to an end….But she lived her life for those precious little moments that life had gifted her…She knew these were th memories however bizarre may it seemed to th malicious society but was all those she had gathered of Nish ant’s lust or maybe…it was love that none else but something her heart understood. The day he married he expected her no to commit any bizarre family drama that will break his forthcoming martial bliss…she kept mum,,,consoled all those ravaging deep cut wounds inside her heart and replied back she wont be a subject of nonsense in his life never and till her death she will cling to those memories. Hidden inside the deep core of her heart.He walked back relieved. She stood looking at his parted footsteps….He got married to the girl he had fancied to live his life with. Neeta walked back hoping she can still live her life with her job the only remedy for her broken heart, but her heart or was it divine orders that it stopped beating and she fell …..lost in love,,,,losing her own self her own life..


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