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      My 17 year old love....


he was actually everything i have and i want. he's my love, my friend, my hero, my everything. even if he's younger than me things was never awkward for us both. we see to it that the things we argued at will be solved at the end of the day. we never quarrel on things. we easily talk things out. everything we fight one gives way to the other, and says sorry if one knows it was his/her fault.


Henry is his name. he has those emotional style shirts, pants,and even his looks... but i still loved him,and accepted him as he is. until one day, a girl appeared in the scene, claiming to be his girl friend. it struck me like a spear, and it shattered my world. i cried in his front begging him to tell me the truth but he said there was nothing to tell about.


weeks passed but still the thing can't get out of my mind. i tried to contact the girl but she refused to meet me. so once again i confronted Henry and this time demanded him to tell the truth. this time he told me everything. reality was more painful, my world lost it's life and everything became so dark... yes, it was true. that the girl was his girl friend.


we separated because i gave way for him and the girl. but things aren't what i hoped it will be. i still feel fear and hurt. fear, that he'll never come back to me, and hurt, that he was willing to let me go for somebody else.



what should i do... i can't just go on like this....


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