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      Hollow Space


From the moment he said goodbye,

It has been as if my heart is no longer within me.

I feel it beating,

I feel it aching,

I feel it longing,

I feel it ...

But, yet it feels as if it is gone.

A hollow space is there in its place.

It is as if it went with him.

Only to return to me if he does.

I know it is safe with him.

Because he cares for it so.

But, how do I live without it in me?

I could never ask of him to return to me,

Bringing my heart back with him.

How selfish would that be.

But, if there was some way,

My heart, he could return,

I would be forever thankful.

I am seeing someone else now, months after I wrote the above. Things are going great and we are having a good time, but am I wrong to get into another relationship because I still do not have my heart, it is still with the other..


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