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      Heart would go on - continued


      Time passed and i grew fond of the stranger who followed my trails where ever i went.But like a faithful devoted lover to Micael i avoided his pleadings.

     Micael came back he was loving&fun.His holiday did good for him I assumed.I no longer felt the same for him.I would easily get irritated and was always on a short fuse.But I accepted that it wasn't his fault that i found my prince charming too late to be good.I understood that what i had with Micael wasn't even close to love,but i was attracted to his charm 7 good behaviour.As for Sid i didn't even knew his last name,but i felt chemistry and a burning flame just by looking at him.Whenever i see him my heart skip a beat,i feel immobile as if my legs weigh a thousand pounds.

    I was in a mess,complicated & fragile.But i didn't get the courage to ditch Micael.So our relation continued.I successfully avoided Sid for 3 months.I would peek at the street behind the windows curtain and see him everyday but he never saw me.I wanted things to work with Micael.

   Finally when i could bear no longer i decided to talk straight with Sid,so i emerged from behind the curtain to the balcony.There writing innocently in my neighbours white painted walls was Sid.The words"I love Zenith' was written a thousand times in a very crawly hand writing.He looked at me with teary crestfallen face with evident frustration.He stared at me for like an eternity and said"Zenith,you could never hide from me no matter how hard you try".I wanted to stroke his gentle innocent face and tell him how i need him but decided against it.I told him that i don't feel a thing for him and to get lost.But he didn't,it was me who had to hide.

   I could not stay long inside the apartment when I heard a commotion and the street.Hurling insults at each others was Micael and Sid.Before that day Sid havent seen Micael but Micael had seen him.After a long fight of words it came to a halt,but i couldn't help but see how pale Sid was.He  tried telling words like'DO YOU KNOW THAT MICAEL IS AN ADDICT" ,but I didn't pay much attention as both the guys would even lie for my attention.Today i wish i had listened to Sid.

    One fateful night,i was walking in an isolated street which was pitch dark on the way to a friend's house.I felt sombody's hand on my shoulders,i was both happy & scared to see Sid.How i love him.But i continued walking only in an attempt that would not succeed.He enveloped me in his arms,relief flooded over me.He held me so tight that i felt he was going to crush me with his hard body.He took no time to kiss me,he deavoured hungry kisses all over me.His hands moved harshly on my body as though there is urgency to learn my body and show me what he could do,how powerul he is.I could think of nothing other than how elated i was feeling,I responded to his kisses as though there was nothing much better.

   He stopped kissing me and left me breathless and humilated with words that pierced right through my heart."Grow up,you need me as much as i do"

I was 17yrs by then,mature enough.But he meant a different thing.I acted childish,resisting my true feelings for the person who was almost 3yrs older than me.It left me in tears.But he  just stared at me furiously for not coming to him leaving everything behind.How i wish i did that.........(TO BE CONTD)




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