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      Bestfriends last


we know each other when we were in high school(first year). he is intelligent and I'm not. they say he is black handsome. he is fun of musics and playing instrument like piano and flute and that's the reason we became best friends we are in 2nd year high school. we always go out with each other they even say that we lovers but for us hugging and holding hands are no malicious to us. we are the best of friends i always help him in times of problems and same with him. he know me more than i know him. he have many secrets that i know and same with him. but when we were in 4th year high school he began to snub me, he even not talk to me, i always say to my self that he is only busy with his studies because his rank is 2nd but he downed to 3rd so he have to prioritized more to his studies. but then it never happened to us, like we don't know each other, until we reach already college, i wrote him, whats happening to our friendship and he said, "what's this a suicide letter?" then it hurts me more than ever and until now we dont talk. what should i do?


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