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      Heart would go on


First let me introduce myself. I am a 20year old average girl with good looks. Here I am going to tell you the readers about my true life love encounter.

At the age of 15 I was studying in a private school, it was my Cambridge 'O' levels year. Anyhow,I had great friends in that school though I joined the school prior to 5months to the examination. I was the youngest in the class,others were atleast 2years older.So they had boyfriends and I was their baby.

One night feeling miserably lonely,I stood in the balcony of the apartment watching the traffic jam and people walking stealthily in the pavement.I was gazing at the pitch dark cloudless midnight sky when I got the sensation of being watched.Standing in the pavement was a boy of my age with a dreamy look.Tall,masculine and a forget-me-not smile.

He was simply handsome.He yelled on the top of his voice as though unaware about the bad tempered strangers hurling insults at him,’Hi! I am Micael”.He seemed so sincere that I told him about me.’I am Zenith’.Talking after almost 15minutes we bade goodbye.

Next morning,after taking a shower thinking whether he would see me again I got ready.Day went by and it was dawn.I stood in the balcony and noticed Micael smiling that magnificient smile.It was for me.I couldn’t believe my luck ,such a nice guy.

We started dating.I was mesmerized since I was in love or so I thought.I became less interested in studies.None of my family knew I was dating him.Anyhow,the examination finished and my family noticed the change in me.Micael and me would stay near the house talking.My family disapproved of him.But being in love or infatuation,I saw him through rose colured spectacles.He was so full of life and laughter.

It continued despite the family’s opposition.No longer did my family respect me,they hated me and the guy.

Almost after 5months,the exam result came.Fear struck I went to school to get my result.I was in the good book of the god,I passed in all the subjects and got admission for ‘A’ level school

Things started going terribly wrong.He started talking about how good looking a girl he had seen is and our meetings would end up in fights.But he would makeup.He showed me how much he loves me despite the fights.which he says is healthy.I believed that all relation has ups and downs.I believed him because he never asked for sex and we just hugged and did usual stuff.

Micael was away to see his parents.Since I live with my sister and her kids I had nothing to do.No books to read,no school.It was early night,as usual I was in the spot of the balcony where I looked at the busy street and the people caught in the rat race.

Like a light breeze I felt someone’s presence.Without intention I looked at a nearby shop,standing outside a grocery shop was a very skinny lad same as my age.He wore a “Nirvana”black T-Shirt which I remember fondly till this day.I quickly backed away and went straight to the bedroom.After almost an hour I went to the balcony,it disturbed me to know he was still there.But why?

I started seeing him hanging outside my house for very long hours.I was attracted to him for no reason at all.Micael would call time to time to see how I was.But the stranger interested me more.

After weeks,he came over and introduced himself as Sid.Nice name! But I did not say a word knowing how furious Micael would be.My brother who yells at me and make me cry every time I met Micael noticed Sid hanging out our house.Though I had nothing with him my brother would hurl insults at him.Sid continued his routine and on oneday said how he loves me and would never leave the sight of me at any cost.

Then did the tale of heartache began…..(This is a small piece of my story unedited as inspiration…..please tell me if you want the whole story


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