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      Life after a heavy burden, and a hero who came to save me


I just would like to share my story. I'm Sam, by the way.

I used to be a man hater cause of my history with my dad who left my mom for another woman. I grew up hating him, and not acknowledging him as my father. I was in high-school back then when I fell from the rooftop of my music room. I was confined for a month under comma. I can't remember anything when i woke up. But, i saw a figure of a man standing beside me. I can't recall his looks but i knew his a big masculine man. I blinked for a split second and i opened my eyes to find out no one was there but my mom sleeping on the single chair.

After that incident, that man i saw kept sinking in my mind and i was so curious of who he was. But then, it really didn't bother me. I met this guy who had a crush on me, we dated for couple of months and when we reached college he followed me to where my school was, that made me fall for him and it made me trust him and so we became a couple. Our classmates would tease us that we were like husband and wife, for the sweetness they see in us. I was happy and i felt complete. We held hands together through any season. My mom didn't liked him for me, but we both helped each other and we stood up for our relationship and soon my mom liked him. We we're so much in love until it was our junior year when we our relationship was on the rough roads. He had a fling which was my best friend since elem. And that he honestly told me that. I broke up with him even if it caused me pain. I got mad at them both. I didn't talked to them, and i just heard they split up. After a month, he came back to me, but I wanted to let him prove his worth, and he did every thing for me to get back to him. I saw that he was sincere and he made a promise not to do it again. We got back together, and they say, our relationship can't be broken. My best friend apologized and i accepted her again, she flew to North Dakota.

We graduated with a degree and even planned to put up a business together. We planned it all and it was on the making when he started hitting me. We lived in one roof and stupid me, i stuck to him cause i loved him. He got so possessive and didn't want me to hang out with my guy friends. He even locked me up in our apartment for a week when he caught me shopping in the mall with a girl friend. I got afraid of breaking up with him cause he might follow me around and do bad. He works at our business from 8 in the morning to 7 pm, that gave me the chance to unwind. After what he's done, i just realized my love for him faded as time passed, good thing we didn't get married. But, it wasn't easy for me to move out cause i had no penny, he got it all, he even closed my accounts and so i had no one to run to for my mom was currently lying on bed sick cause of her aging. I had to work but my bf would'nt want me to, he always threatened me.

I escaped one afternoon and i met this handsome guy who i caught staring at me. He made friends with me and as the days passed everytime i had the chance to escape, we meet up. He's a lawyer so he knew i had a problem, and he would always see my bruises that made him go mad of who has done it. I ran out of alibis, so i just told him the truth. He embraced me so tight he wouldn't let me go. He said he's gonna get me out of where i was. He gave me advices and that he promised to help me out.

Since then he always made me happy and alive again. He made me felt safe. That went on for 5 months. When i woke up and realize my bf was gone leaving me nothing, Mr. Lawyer was there to help me out. He payed the bills i had to pay for my moms hospitalization and he offered to pay the apartment but i decide to move back at our house and take care of my mom. I felt relief at the same time. Getting back on your feet is hard, but at least i had someone who helped me. Our business was bankrupt and that my ex took away even the last centavo left. There were times i cried for that and Mr. Lawyer always had his shoulders for me. I started looking out for a job and i had to sell the shop, that was our business, and a business man bought it but i really didn't knew him. I would get that back when i already can afford it. The money i got , i payed for my credits and my accounts that were frozen.

Finally, got a job. And that the file i opened with the help my mr. LAwyer was already pending and sooner or later my ex would be behind bars, I don't want him there but it's the price he has to pay. Mr. Lawyer was with me through my darkest days and even helped me to see the rainbow again. I fell for him but i wanted him to make the first move. He made me trust again. HE made me believe that there's always a bright tomorrow. I met with my father and he explained and cried how sorry he was for what he's done. To my supsrise, i missed him and i held him tight, without any bad feelings. My moms okay and she's getting better everyday.

One day Mr. LAwyer came up to me with my dad. I was confused about that and that i was so shocked.

Mr. Lawyer told me he was the man in the hospital when i fell from the roof. he was the one who brought me there and that my dad asked him to help me out, to see me through. It was my dad who really helped me financially but it was him who helped me emotionally, He said sorry and it took me a week before i accepted his apology. He went to Las Vegas for a 1 week seminar, but he alwasy talked to me and when he got back we became more closer. I decide to be friends cause i wasn't ready yet. Although i loved him, i wanted to be sure. We became friends for over a year and then next was that we became a couple. And when we finally got stabled, we got married. We have two kids right now.

The best words that he told me was when he proposed.

--This were the words that made me give in

--" Sweetie, Im here in front of you with the angels beside me. I just won't catch you when you fall from your rooftop but i will be there when you get weak. You gave me a lot m,ore than what i asked for and I want you with me through the days of my life. I may not be that perfect guy but i can be the best of what i am just for you.Allow me to show you how much i need you cause i don't wanna wake up each morning without you beside me. My future lies with you, please sweetie, marry me.

that made me say yes


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