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      What should i do?


please help me : "what should i do?"


i want to ask you this question (especially for people who have experience in love)

"what should i do?"

i have been through a story that a boy keeps saying that he loves me and writing me poems until i felt in love with him after 2 or 3 years.

then when i surrendered and confessed that i started loving him, he says "it's too late" and writing me poems that say "your love is now buried under sand"!!

-that really shocked me and made me think that he was so feeling emptiness that he just want to waste his time loving me..(he doesn't love me)

i notice that i was right after i discovered that i am not the only girl he plays with. (probably 5 or more other than me)

than i got married and my relationship with my husband wasn't good. unfortunately we broke up after 6 months of our marriage. i started to feel from his friend that he loves me and want me to marry him.

i pretended that i didn't understand which annoyed her (his friend). than she confessed it and i said to her:"no"... he has hope that i will love him... after many bothers from his friend i told her to say to him "stop bothering me. my situation now is sensitive. if he still bothers me i will let him solve this with my father"

he still has hope... his friend is still bothering me but not in an obvious way. i start being strict with her (though she is my best friend -she is my cousin-)

last (before 4 days) she called me in a hurry saying that he "m.a" send her a message saying "can i take a little bit from your time?" she asked me what to reply. i told her to say "no"... she is sending me messages that i felt that it is not her style in writing... ex :( at the period i had exams) saying

"we learn than have an exam... while others have an examination in their lives and learn"

until now nothing happened

please tell me "what should i do?"

*notice before answering:

my friend (my cousin) loved that boy and she confessed that to me crying. she said that she feels "heart-burn" while she conveys his messages to me. i told her why she doesn't confess that to him. unfortunately she said that he feels that, but he doesn't feel for her. she said because she loves him and me, she is connecting between us.

send me your solutions at


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