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      Letting Go in Pain


I had my first boyfriend at the age of 22 with our neighbor. His house is just 5 meters apart from my house. Our relationship lasted for 6 years. I did expect to marry him as soon as both of us are stable enough to raise a family. I guess everyone in the neighborhood expected it to happen.


One day on the 6th year of our relationship. It was December 25 and its Christmas. I received a call from him inviting me to visit him in their house. I was very excited then, hoping to receive my Christmas gift from him. When I met him inside I noticed a girl sitting beside him in their living room. I do not know who the girl was and thought she was one of the relatives visiting his family at Christmas. Both of them were staring at me. I smiled to both of them and then my ex boyfriend started to talk and he was asking me why I was visiting him when in fact he called over the phone inviting me to be there. I was shocked and I could feel the sudden change of my body temperature. Then I noticed the girl started to hug my ex boyfriend.


Without a word, I rushed home. I felt my whole body in numbness then I burst into tears. I didn't say a word. I just let him go even when I'm in pain. 




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