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      Just want you to be happy


first of all please comment me because i need your help.

i am a name is Sangfungma.i met a boy on bebo.well we met randomly and then he first started talking with me ,then then i started..he always shares love with me in wasn't a love at first sight but it ia a love i know..he is 4 yrs older than me, i think age doesn't matter in love

i don't know if it does to you or not??when i asked him

 "have you got any girlfriend" he goes "no i haven't got any because if anyone has girlfriend will regret and they will be in tragedy" i was really shocked. then i thought that he had a girlfriend and whenever i start talking about his girlfriend he just try to ignore me. When I asked him again and again he only said that he had a girlfriend and if I see her again I would kill heart melt like a wax.He says that strange comes up on his his mind like committing suicide....and I am really worried about him ,I hope he wouldn't take any wrong steps.I just want him to happy weather he is with me or without me,because I really love him.Sometimes he talks to me as if he loves me and cares for me but sometimes he doesn't but it might be my misuderstanding.He always says he loves me but I don't know weather he is saying as a friend know what I mean.I want him to start a new life, I didn't mean that life should be started with me it could any other girl who can keep him happy.SHOULD I TELL HIM THAT I LOVE LOVE HIM OR JUST WAIT?

i think he needs time to recover his broken heart.


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