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      Lost love:when an old friend doesn't respond!!!


i have known him ever since i was 3 n he was6 or 7.he was just a friend back then.i don't remember much,but i know that when we were kids he was always very nice n friendly to me.since his school got over after mine (i was just in nursery at a small kindergarten owned by his family)he would make me wait so that we could play together, n he did this almost everyday!!! But then we were just friends . Then we moved to another place and gradually lost contact with him.he was my first crush,n i realized that when i was just 6.recently almost12 years later we met again n exchanged phone nos. i wished him on his birthday n he thanked me , i asked for his e-mail id he didn't reply!!! but soon i forgot about it n moved on because of my exams n all



but then almost 4 months later he wished me on new year i replied and asked for his id,he gave it to me.i was again wished by him on my birthday when he asked for my id i gave it to him n also sent him many mails but he didn't mail me even once, i also messaged him asking him why he didn't respond. he messaged me once after that asking about how i was n all i replied by asking him to mail me but he didn't respond again. I know it sounds childish but that's my story. i don't know why he is not responding. he is not shy around girls or anything he is quite cool n all. then why is he doing this to me!!??? why? why?why? i love him so much but he doesn't respond at all!!! I cry myself to sleep each night and wait greedily everyday to check my mailbox to see if he has replied.Why is he treating me like this? why doesn't he respect my feelings he has crushed my hopes. all this is hampering my studies!!!



the one who waited to play wiyh me everyday is now playing with my heart turning and twisting it and making it ache so much n yet i can't complain as i love him so much!!! oh god help me!!!pleaseeee!!!


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