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      It was so unexpected....


It was my senior year of high school. About one month from graduating and my girlfriends and I were getting ready for our senior prom. I soon learned that a friend of mine was taking Matt to the prom with her. Matt was a guy that i have always had my eye on but he seemed very reserved. Very quiet and kept to himself so I figured that he would think I was too crazy for his taste since I have always been real outgoing. Plus, I always assumed that he must have a girlfriend since he was so unbelievably good looking. With that said I never took the first step in saying hello. As me and my friend were shopping for the perfect prom dress, she needed to call him and ask him something. She put him on speaker and for the first time his personality shined through. Matt and my friend were laughing and having so much fun during their 5 min conversation. I never knew he was a fun, laid back person. Once they hung up my friend and I started talking about him. I then found out that they used to date, twice. I was kind of bummed when I heard that. I would never want to date one of my friends ex-boyfriends.


Finally prom came along and we all had a blast together. Matt and I ended up becoming friends but at first he thought I was a little weird due to the fact I was always so hyper when i was around him. He soon found out I was like that because I had the biggest crush on him but i felt as if i couldn't be anything more than friends since he dated one of my friends twice and I didn't want to betray my friends friendship.


One day in class me and my friend were talkin and she told me that she could tell I had feeling for Matt and that she thinks we should date. She said that him and her didn't work out because they both wanted different things and maybe him and I would have what each other is looking for.


I took what she said and ran with it. I was putting more effort in gettin his attention and spending time with him. It didn't take long for him to see the real side of me. After we both put our guards down we instantly clicked. We were dating for about a month and then he asked me out. We have had so many firsts together and we have had so much fun.


The best thing that has ever happened with us happened on a beautiful July night. I was walking him out to his car when he stopped me and said he had something to tell me. As you can imagine I was so nervous. He grabbed my face with both of his hands and looked me in the eyes and said without hesitation, "I love you Danielle".


We have been together now for almost 8 months and everyday we spend together just gets better and better.


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