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      It Was God.


We met in an unexpected way. It all started at a youth conference held in my town (in British Columbia, Canada). After one of the powerful services, my friend and I went around hugging people - and praying for them. Eventually, we hugged a few people from this one group that was from The Yukon. After taking a quick picture and exchanging names, we walked away thinking nothing of it.

After the conference, one of the girls from The Yukon sent me a message on Facebook, asking me if I remembered her. I told her I did after adding her as a friend. I uploaded the picture of us and tagged her in it. A few days later, one of her friend's (Greg) commented on the picture, complaining how he was supposed to be at the conference too but wasn't allowed to go. Since then, Greg and I have become best friends.

I always catch myself thinking about all the things that had to happen in order to make us friends, and it still blows me away at the way it happened. If he hadn't stayed home from convention, he and his friends would have been off doing something crazy, and if we were off doing something crazy they wouldn't have been in the spot they were in, and if they weren't in the spot they were, they wouldn't have gotten a random hug from me, and if I wasn't giving random hugs to people then I wouldn't have gotten a picture with his friends, and if you they didn't  remember my name, they wouldn't have found me on Facebook, and then we wouldn't have added each other as friends, and if he wasn't on my friend list we wouldn't have started talking and then my life would still be lame. (Breath...)

I've slowly fallen in love with him, even though I've never actually met him. I haven't seen his eyes light up when he laughs, or seen him blush. I haven't given him a hug, and he's never held my hand or whispered something cute in my ear. But, we talk for hours on the computer and even more hours on the phone. He's even planning to move to my town, and go to the same University as me when he graduatees.

All I know, is that God works in mysterious ways. I know that he wanted us to meet... God is so good and he has a plan for each one of us.


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