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      African sun shine


It was the last weekend in May of 2007; I loss alot of money that weekend and was very down on myself. A guy I was seeing at the time invited me out to a BBQ were on of his boys was hosting the BBQ at his house. I had met his freind before but did not talk to him much. I new he had a girlfreind who he didn't like much and wanted to break up with. Anyhow the guy I wwas with was very much a player, but fun to go out with to the clubs. When we got to his freinds house for the BBQ, I was very much impress with how smooth his house looked and what class he had. As we went into the back yard were he was cooking, I found my self looking at his freind in a much diffrent light. Finaly his girlfreind came out, and I new by looking at her and know that he did not want to be with her, that it was time for a up grade. But what was even more funny, is that I beleive he was thinking the same as me. He sent her to the store so it would just be us out there"So I want to believe"! But anyhow the guy I was with was ready to take me home, and bring some other girl over. Se they are from Africa, and he was saying this to his freind and thought I did not understand. So he took me home and came back with a diffrent girl. His freind did not like how he was playing the seen. That week went pass and I went out to the club the following Sunday. Low and behold who was there, but the sexy as freind. He came straight up to me and we dance all night. I was very drunk and filling all over him, but did not care. After wards I wanted him to take me home, but my girl was in the way of that. He got my number and call the next day. We talked forever, and he was over that night. We did not do anything that night night, but that friday he was stright over, and we fucked all night. His dick was so big, and made me cum. After that I new he would be mine. He broke up with his girl and moved er out. We been a cuple ever since. I love him, and he is my African Sun Shine!!!!


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