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      I lost my life


Hi, my name's Bridgette, and this is the story that ruined my life. A while back, my brother introduced me to his friend, Jake. Jake was gorgeous. We started dating, and got really serious. Jake began to confide in me about his family. He's never known his parents, and lived with his aunt and uncle.

One day, when I was looking through some old stuff, I came across my birth cert. Under father it said Peter Robins, my dad, but under mother it said Whitney Davies. My mother was Hannah Gould. When I confronted my parents, my dad admitted that he'd had me with Whitney Davies before he married my mother.

I was completely confused and hurt and told Jake about it. He went looking at his birth cert and under father, he had Peter Robins and mother was Ruby Kelly.

I was horrified, not only was my mother not really my mother at all, but my fiancÚ was my half brother! My dad has admitted to everything. This had ruined my life. I've disowned my parents for not telling me, and have many times attempted suicide. I've been in rehab countless times and don't see Jake anymore. He's gained a father, but I've lost my whole life.

I now live on my own in a grubby little apartment. I work in a fast food place. I cut my wrists. I feel like an empty shell. An exterior, but no soul. My life has no meaning, and I feel lifeless.

My friends have been wonderful to me, but I'll never be the same.


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