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      Second chance


I thought love and happiness with someone else was for everyone else but me. I had twin babies alone. The father was, "not ready for this kind of responsibility". He left when I was 2 months pregnant. My children are 6 now. He has had no contact at all. He knows where we live. I spent a long time thinking that he would come back. Then I spent a long time hating him. Then I realized all that emotional turmoil was hurting me more than him so I finally let him go. I resigned myself to being single forever. Who would want a woman with twins and one of them has severe medical issues which means hospitals and doctors on a regular basis for the rest of his life? Boy, was I wrong.

A year and a half ago I met by pure accident the man I went onto marry on December 14 2001.

My van had broken down and I used the bus system in my city. I met him at the bus stop. We talked like we knew each other all our lives. It was a comfortable feeling that I never felt before. We went out on a breakfast date the next day and I told him everything about myself and my family. I really was testing him, tell him all and see if he runs screaming or see if he stays. He stayed. He met my children and swore to learn all he could about my child's health. He did! Don't get me wrong, he isn't on a pedestal, he leaves his dirty clothes hanging everywhere but the pluses outweigh the minus by a long shot.

I guess the moral to this story is ' never think there is no one out there for you' -- I thought the same way --- I was wrong. It's out there and you'll meet at the right moment.


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