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      On love and lust


It was a Friday evening, I was alone in our apartment and I had a fight again with my boyfriend before he left for work. I hate being alone in the 3rd floor of that 3 storey house because of the mumu thing. So I decided to just go to the office and spend the night there.. But before I went to the office, I dropped by the nearest Internet Cafe and logged on to YM. I dont really chat coz I get bored easily.. Another thing, most chatters are maniacs or indians. Hehe.. Chatters kept on bugging me but i just ignore them but theres one guy who caught my attention. His nickname is josh_gobang.  It sounds funny.But i got curious coz Josh Groban is actually one of my fave singers.I chat with him. After a few minutes of exchanging ASL's and viewing him on the webcam, i invited him over to our apartment. He was hesitant at first. He even asked me "Hindi ka ba natatakot sakin?" I answered "Why? Papatayin mo ba ko?" He said "Of course not!" "So why should i be afraid of you?""What if reypin kita?""We can talk about it later, haha!"After an hour, we met. We went straight to our room, and locked the door silently so that the other housemates wont hear us. I was still closing the windows when he turned me around and kissed me on the mouth. We kissed gently and passionately at first.. Tasting each other's tongue. We walked to the door, made sure its locked and turned the lights off.. He started to touch me. Everywhere that is covered by skin. The intensity of the moment made us so hot that our bodies are flaming wet. He unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra. I took his shirt off and removed his pants. After a few seconds we are both undressed. Ready for another "deforestation". The darkness covered every flaws and made us perfect for each other. We made love or rather fucked each other all night that we reached the 6th heavens.. After our last flight, I was so tired, i slept in his arms. It felt so nice and comfortable. His body giving mine enough heat to stand the coldness of the night. He made me feel loved.. though i know its a lie. We had breakfast at Mcdonalds and we really had a great time talking to each other. He has a sense of humor I'd say. On our way back, we rode a tricycle and there I told him I dont want him to go yet. But he has to.. So he just kissed me in the trike.. It was French. That was the best kiss Ive had for a year and a half. After we parted, he texted me, "Thanks for being there with me as I searched for my freedom last night. I just have a confession to you. I was a virgin before we happened."That surprised me and I thought it was a joke.. But it wasnt. It made me want him more. Until now, Im still waiting for the time that we will see each other again. Though I know its only a fucking friendship, at least I can forget the depression and hardships that Im getting from my current boyfriend.


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