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OK so it was the first day of my new course at college and i met this guy who was really funny. over the next few months we become really good friends and always had a laugh together. one nite whilst we were texting he told me that he likes me and arrange that when he was gunna see me the next day he would finally do what hes wanted to do ever since he first met me: kiss me. so the next day I'm waiting for him he texts me saying hes gunna b late but hes still up for it. so when he finally meets me, he completely ignores me and goes off with his mates. i was left so hurt coz i really really liked him and another guy mate of mine (who's best mates with him) asks whats up and i tell him the whole thing. i decided to text my guy later that nite asking if he meant everything he said, he said he didn't remember texting me all of those things yet he asked me later if i would have kissed him!!! so i told him i would coz i really liked him and he didn't text me back and the next day he plays with my phone. when i get get i back hes deleted all the messages hes sent me and his number and then completely ignored me, wouldn't come near me, wouldn't talk about me or anything. he kept this up for 2 months whilst i was dealing with liking him alot!


after 2 months he finally talks 2 me and acts as if nothing happened. so i thought to myself 'OK put it behind you and just be friends' so i did but a few weeks later he texts me again telling me how he feels and how he wants me, yet when i next see him he acts like nothing happened again!! now i have seriously fallen for this guy and its driving me crazy!!!!!


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