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      When your life long crush doesnt remember the best moment of your life


i have liked my neighbor for so long and on new years he just started kissing me and then we started to make out and kinda feel each other and stuff. I went almost 2 weeks feeling like the most beautiful girl in the whole world but then i realized i needed to talk to him about that night and find out if he liked me. When we talked i found out he didn't even remember that night and he was so drunk. He said the last thing he remembered was partying in the basement and then passing out on his bed. I was so upset...i felt like the biggest loser ever...i felt like i meant nothing and now i have lost all hope in being with him. I have known him since i was 6 and i have like him for about 5 years...yeah try sucks!!!!!. Now i don't if he has feelings for me or if he hates me but all i know is i cant take this's horrible. I need help, i love him sooo much and he doesn't even remember what happened. I didn't get any sleep that night and then 2 days later i got a cold!!!! all for me to find out he didn't even remember....ughhh life sucks.


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