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      I let him go


ok i was single and i was sitting at my lunch table and this guy sat next to me. I knew him. His name was zach. well i guess i started to have feeling for him so after school, I asked him to be my boyfriend. he said yes and we were perfect for each other. we hugged each other after school. and he called me at night to say goodnight. one day, i was going to my gymnastics and we were talking on the phone and he said. "my mom works there!" and im like "cool who is she?" and he was like " her name is annette. and say hi to the owner for me... she'll know who i am" so i went up to the owner and said "do you know _____?" and the person next to her was like "i do he's my son!" and i was like... oh crap... so he and his mom talked for a  while... but anyway me and ______ has a great relationship until i felt the spark inside me die... i just couldn't take it! i had to break up with him! so... i did. and as soon as i did, i felt horrible... i cried for DAYS! even at my friends birthday party... it was depressing. so i called him at the birthday party and we asked him if he still liked me and he said "no and i would never go out with her again!" he got a new girlfriend named kristian... they're good for each other... but a couple days ago i got a message from _______ saying "im sorry i didn't take you back" and i said" well it doesn't matter now you love kristian and thats all that matters" and he said " yes i do love kristian but i kinda like you but keep quiet" and i said " well i might kinda like you too!" and he said "we both won't tell, deal?" and i said "DEAL"  so now whenever i see him ignore me... i get really sad... i have told 3 people now and i feel bad...


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