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      Mad at him or mad at her


It was Chrsitmas vacation, i was laying on the couch watching one of my favorite T.V shows which happened to be 'Dawsons Creek'. My boyfriend whom i have been dating for eleven months called me at 12:30pm to say goodnight like he always does. about a a half hour later he calls again and says that he has something to tell me that he didnt have the nerve to the first time he called. Well he begins by telling me that he was with a friend after work and at the mall they ran into this girl he graduated with and a friend of hers. Now before i continue my story i have to tell you somehting about this girl. She has been dating the same guy for two years, always hits on my boyfriend but he is too blind to see it. Now with the rest of my story, so my boyfriend his friend and the two other girls wtached a movie at my boyfriends house and the girl i dispise kissed my boyfriend. he said he pushed her away, but the thing is i do not hand out with guys that hit on me becuase it bothers my boyfriend so i expect him to do the same. i wasnt sure if i should be mad at him or the girl i have now decided to let the past go and allow him to try and earn my trust for him back. This was after a couple days of consideration however followed by tears in fornt of him and in front of my best friend, and of course bitching at the other girl.


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