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      Mixed emotions


i just started high school and my best friend and i were doing everything we can to be crazy then we notice we should totally get a boyfriend me being lonely for while was up 4 the challenge. everyday i started to notice my best Friends brother we had a thing for each other but didn't really like one another till one day he asked me out i guess it was a way for him to get over this girl who used him when we started i felt weird with him and i thought i was gonna be unfaithful to him so my best friend notice he started to really like me. before it would get his heart hurt again she told her brother to brake it off in the beginning i was kind-ave happy but  after a little time i kinda of missed him but i let it go at this time he still had a crush on the girl who treated him like crap well that girls best friend told me that she didn't it purposely so i went to him and told him and he was upset he confronted her and dined it later she came up 2 me and asked why i said and i said because i didn't want you toying with his heart she was like I'm not  i got pissed at him even though i shouldn't't have i didn't want him to tell her i said it anyway i stop talking to him a new girl comes to school after a couple of months we became really good friends well after the new year me and my best friends boyfriend vowed that we would become better friends then what we were before he said that he was starting to like her so everyday i would kind-ave be a messenger but i wouldn't tell the my girl Friend everything well now me and the guy are best Friends and I'm scared because i have a gigantic crush but i know everything we'll get ruined well i guess i tell you the rest when it happens


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