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      We'll be together in time


We've been together since 2005 and our love for each other grew more and more as the years passed us by. We're like unbreakable. We had fights along the way, there are times we question ourselves how we got that long?. We both laugh about it then we would think deep and remember how we started and we would smile as we remember our "funny-corny-romantic moments".

Our worst fight was the time I felt like leaving him. I felt that I was looking for something I can't find in him. I ignored his calls for nights, i needed time apart from him, i needed to search for that something i was looking. I never talked to him which i knew was hurting him. I even got mad at him when he comes over our house. But i felt sorry for what he's done just to reach out on me. He stayed up late outside our home every night, he would bring me chocolates and flowers but i just ignored him. He never gave up on me, he still wanted me like i'm his life. Until i met this guy who's had an eye for me, his Theodore. He started seeing me even if he knew i still had my boyfriend, Luke, that we we're just giving each other space. Theo, didn't mind at all. He still courted me. Till, we started dating and i really liked him. While Luke was there pining for me, hurting for what i did to him. But, he was still holding on and he was still waiting for me to come back to him. One day, i woke up missing Luke so bad, and i realized i still need him. A friend told me Theo was just playing games with me and he doesn't really love me. When i heard it, i thought i was gonna cry, but i didn't instead i got mad cause' my ego, my pride was touched there, I wasn't mad cause he's fooling me, in fact it was okay. I broke up with Theo, and I started to feel like i'm stupid and i regret i left Luke for Theo. I have had enough, and i can't hide my love for him anymore so i went to see him, i talked to him, and to my surprise, he accepted me and then we started going out again. I promised then i would not do the same mistake again and i promised he would never get hurt cause of me again. Our relationship went stronger as days came by. He gave everything i wanted and he gave his whole heart to me. And i in return, gave my love and my all to him. Happiest day of my life was when i knew i got pregnant and I was excited to tell him.

It was a windy night, i prepared for dinner and waited for him. It was 7 in the evening when he wasn't still home. Is tarted worrying but i told myself to relax, i thought maybe he got stuck on a road traffic or what, It was around 8:15 when someone called and told me he was rushed to the hospital. I rushed over and I waited for the doctor to get out of the emergency room. Police came and told me, he was robbed along his way home, and Luke fought but he was shot 4 times. That fact left me hysterical. I prayed to God to save him and to guide him. I cried for hours and i was really begging on my knees that he would be saved. Hours later and the doctor came out and said he's in comatose and no one knows if he's still gonna wake up or what.

5 weeks that he was unconscious and i gave my time for him and for the baby i was carrying,it's getting noticed actually, i bet his a big baby. I asked for a leave at my job and i almost lived at the hospital. I always talked to him, i always tell him how much i love him.

One Sunday afternoon when i went in his room with his favorite flowers. I was arranging it when i heard him moan, slowly he opened his eyes and i took his hand. I cried when he smiled.

Luke: " Honey, thanks for your love."( He was getting tired of talking)

Me: "I'll give everything for you. Honey, you better get up there cause your gonna be a father"

Luke shed a tear from his eyes and held my stomach, and took my hands, he said he's gonna be around anytime and hat he'll always be around to watch us, I knew what he meant, i begged for him not to go, but he just smiled and said he'll be watching over us and made me promise to take care of our baby. Seconds later and his hands slipped out my hands and closed his eyes. That day, he left for good, physically.

For days that i didn't know what to do and it still hurts right now. But i looked in the mirror and i saw reflection in the mirror. Thats when i woke up and realized that he still left me something to treasure for the rest of my life, my baby to come. Thus, i decided to move on for our baby.

I gave birth last week and i named him after his father. Luke jr.

I wrote this story to reach out on other people who has lost someone, you should not give up your life when someone leaves you. You should remain optimistic and you should never stop believing. That God, has a purpose why he gives you burdens. Just keep your faith strong and he'll guide you as you go along your way.

I will always love him, and he will always be a part of me. We may not made it here on earth but i know that we'll see each other again in time when it's my fate to follow him, and when that time comes, surely, we will never be apart.


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