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      Unsure enagagement...


One night I was out cruising in my car with my friends -


I saw someone broken down on the side of the road, so I thought that I would stop and see if they needed help. It was a guy, and he was gorgeous. We ended up exchanging mobile phone numbers and went on 4-5 dates. We clicked. Before I knew it, we were in a relationship together. Half a year later we got engaged, things were going great. This guy I am engaged to is a fisherman and works out at sea for two months at a time, and in that time, I wait for him faithfully till he gets back. Only Last night, a male friend found out about me and my fiancee's engagement and was upset about it- So I txted my fiancee to tell him that I was going to see my male friend to explain that I was in love with my fiancee and that he had to let go of the feelings that he had towards me. My fiancee said to me "Sounds like to wanna be with him, so go fucking be with him"... My heart sank... and then the next txt said "Bye"... I haven't heard from him since... So, no more fiancee.


The moral of the story is choose carefully.




Young and the restless


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