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      Never say never



Actually I used to think that a love story is such a private thing that it is hard to talk about it and share with it to strangers. BUT! After reading some of the stories here i somehow changed my mind and i agree with you that it may be told to others, because thus someone might learn something new for himself or just gain positive energies and smile!

I leave it to you to find title to this story:)



I met David at Christening party.

I was not supposed to go to that party and refused the invitation at first, because to tell the truth im not much party-person and often avoid big gatherings with lots of unknown people. But that day i suddenly changed my mind at the very last moment and decided to go. Now i thank God that i did so!

To my surprise the party wasn't boring to me (like it used to be at other big gatherings). It was indeed a very beautiful evening.

I noticed Dave's looks on me the moment i entered and during the whole party, but tried not to pay too much attention to it , i was kinda indifferent to him. He was just  walking around me and my table the whole evening, until everyone left almost.....and suddenly he came up to my table and just sat right next to me and started a conversation with me .....just like that as if i was one of his old friends. I was shocked at first, because in my mind i had decided already and beforehand that if he ever tried to talk to me and make some steps to it I'll simply ingore him and say "bye" to him. I decided so because i thought we would hardly ever met after that party as i had heard that he was going to fly to his country 2-3 days later. He was here for vacations and for Christening only. So i thought there were few chances that he would stay here for me, besides we wont manage to get to know each other well enough during 2-3 days and i didnt need any headache and heartche afer he goes away. So it ll be better not to start anything if it may be over so soon. Thats why i was shcked when he sat next to me and instead of being kinda careful and modest with an unknown girl he simply strated such an easy conversation and left me no chance to say "bye". he just got me into that talk. i was surprised at myself and was laughing on me in my mind but it felt so good with him and easy. After the party he brought me and my Mom to our house on the car. 2 days later i was asked to go for a walk but i refused and a day later he left to his country. I didnt show it to anyone but i was about to cry when i heard he had gone back. And i thought so this is it.....we met only once, and there are little chances that we will meer ever after again. BUT! A miracle! He didnt want to forget me! It came up to his mind to ask me to give him my e-mail address so that we could be in touch like that and get to know each other by means of letters (as far as there was no other opportunity at that period) . So i gave my e-mail address to his Mom who was still here and she sent it to Dave. So that was how we started to get to know each ither with Dave. We were writng and writing and writng letters, talking about ouselves asking questions...It was so easy to share with him! We were into e-mail writing for almost 9-10 months!!! UNREAL! During that period many-many unbelievable things happened that after only helped me understand that i really need and love that person. Then he came! He came the morning of Easter of 2007! From the very beginning we had decided with him that if nothing happens (mostly in my part) and if i decide that i dont want to be with him we still will remain good friends. But a week later after he came...we decided to get married!!! We engaged in summer of 2007 and want to have our wedding in summer of 2008! I will fly with Dave to the country were he lives!

I thank God for everything! Lord showed me the right way! I feel it now!

It is always hard to make a decision, to make a choice, especially when it concerns your future and your family life, but if you are truly looking for the light and kindness and have hope and faith in you , you will always find your true and bright path! Love will come to you! You just have to believe and never say never! 

With Love - Ani!


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