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I have known G. for many years we worked together for the best part of 4 years but at that time I was a very shy person who could not hold a conversation for more than 2 sentences.  I liked him from the moment I saw him and I would always make a point of walking past him just to see if he noticed me.


I met him in a nightclub not long after leaving that job and we exchanged phone numbers and from then on we kept in touch and ended up hooking up with each other.  I thought all my dreams had come true, he is handsome, funny, intelligent, and just an all round great guy, until I met his friends that is.  Now everyone who knows me can tell you that I am a shy person who will not open up to people unless I fully trust them.  So I decided that on this one occasion when out with all his friends that I would put myself out there, which I did and I had a wonderful night until I found out that two of his friends disliked me that much that they began to call me names and were saying things to G.  To make things worse I later found out from a dear friend of mine that he had been joining in the bitching sessions and had also been calling me names.  This broke my heart in two.  I was finding it hard to eat, I was always feeling physically sick every time I thought about it.


I have confronted G. about this matter and he has chosen to protect his friendship rather than our perfect relationship.  So I say to all you ladies and gentlemen who are in similar situations get out and get out quick it is not worth losing your dignity and self respect.  People will always side with their closest friends no matter how close you think you are to that person do not put yourself through that kind of pain, trust me I know what it feels like.


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