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      Love is hard when you live 1000 miles apart


hi my name is Debbie estrada.this is a story about how my love for one man conquerd all when your in love!! NO matter what your relationship goes through you still love them! even if they CHEAT!!! i was in the 8th grade when i met the most wonderful guy iv ever all stared when Sonia and i were at my house just hanging out. she decided to call up someone so we can talk to them. she called this guy named Jose Arreola..he was her best friend. so they were talking when i told her to give him my number. well when she gave it to him he called me about 4 hours later. we got to talking and we decided to finally meet. so we went to hang out at the rec center. after a day of hanging out and talking he finally ask me out. at first i didn't know what to say because there was this one guy that had asked me out too so i of course chose Jose. the first thing that he told me was ''I'm moving to Colorado in the summer''! well we went out for about a month with the fear of him leaving.i would go to California to go visit family and i would be worried that he would leave without saying good bye.when i finally got home the weekend after forth of July. he left a couple of days later. he left July 14 of 2006. i couldn't be leave that he was really gone. It was the most painful thing letting him go, i was only 14 what was i suppose to do.we would talk everyday but that still didn' make the difference he was gone!!it was the night after my homecoming dance when everything changed! Jose had something to tell me....i couldn't be leave it whe he told me. "me and karla kissed"! i bust out of tears when he told me. he night as well stabbed me in my heart!!! we had broken up for like 3 days when my mom told me to give him another chance. so i did but, it was under my terms NOT his! it was hard trusting him again becausei had not seen him since he moved. but sooner or later i finally for gave him! after a year went by i finally got to see him. i went to Colorado to visit him and his family. i stayed with him and his family for about 3 days and on the day i was going to leave his dad tells the family that there going to go to Mesqiute NV. the little town that i i live in. well of course we were all happy. but it wasn't long befour he was the one leaving again. well after he left for the second time it was even harder getting over it. four months went by and i finally got to see him the Christmas of 2007. now were engaged and more in love than ever! what i learned from all this is that no matter where life takes you, you will always have someone to share all those experiences with. love can conquer anything or anyone.No mater if you go days,weeks, or even years you know there the ones for you...after everyone will always tease me and make fun of my because he lived so far i know whats in my hear and there nothing that they can say to make me thnk different. [[amor De lejos amor De pendejos]] that mean love from far is love for stupid people! NOT TRUE and i proved everyone wrong, even my family, love is always there no matter what form it comes in. learn from what my story if about. you can love even if their far from you

P.S it hurts not knowing what their doing but when that day comes when you finally see them. it doesn't matter.



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