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      A Love I Never Saw Coming!!!


it all started with my family joining a church. This church is called "The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints"(also known as Mormons). At that time i didn't really want to be in that church but all the people were so kind and generous. They would hold dances and activities for the youth from 14-18 years of age and i would go to almost every activity of dance....


But at that time i was starting high school...and i was not sure if me and my boyfriend from middle school were going to last. we had about a year and two months when summer before high school came.., our relationship was not going so good... he would not call me as often and i felt him so we broke if off and i felt as if i was never going to find that right guy...


And for about 5 months i was single and just going to dances at church trying not to think about being single and lonely...and than new years was coming and i felt lonely...i was thinking "i don't have anyone really who i like.." and once again my church held a dance/dinner for new years on the 27th of December. 


That day i remember going to see this guy i thought was cute from my ward and hoping to god that i would get to dance with him...but everything turned around, i met the guy of my dreams without even knowing who he was. The dance started at 8pm and i was stuck with friends, the guy that i was hoping to dance with was not even going to come and i was bombed out. i remember that night i got in a fight with this bisexual girl because she was cheating on her boyfriend with this other girl from the same church and i had found out and decided to tell her boyfriend and a big commotion happened and i was like, "forget all you guys..."


At that time i didn't even want to be there anymore...but than my sister and this guy friend of ours invited me to dance...than my sister left us and it was only me and this guys...i thought he was cute but than he decided that he wanted to dance with another girl and so i went to sit down...out of no where my friend's brother, who i never ever saw before, came to talk to me...i didn't know him...


he asked me,"why u so sad?"

And i responded, "o0o its cuz he left me..*pointing at my friend* and plus i don't want to be here.."

He reponded, " i saw u fighting...damn ur stuff..."  A few minutes pasted and he asked me, " you want to dance" I wasnt going to dance with him because i wasnt really into him..he was too shy and seem kinda dorky..but i was like what the heck....and we danced all night...we were just asking eachother questions like, "how old are u?", "where u from?", "what school do u go to?"

things like that....


Than a few days went by and i was just at home enjoying my few last days of vacation before school started...and out of nowhere he calls me...and im like, "who is this?" and he was like, "margarito.." i knew it was him...that wasnt his real name, that was the name i met him with...his friends called him like that..he had a complicated name and i decided to talk to call him llke that.


So that day we talked and talked and talk..and he confessed that he liked me..i didn't know what to say because i was falling for him too but i wasnt sure?


Than the naxt day came and i was just waiting and waiting for his call...and i noticed that he was the only thing i was thinking of..i  told myself..he might be the one..or he might be the next one to hurt me..who knows? than friday came and it was the day before a quincenera i was going to come out in with his sister... that day he called me and told me that he wanted to talk to me about something..i told him, "come on just tell me.." He was like, "its not nothing really ...its a question.."


i knew he was about to ask me and i acted as if i didn't know, i kept telling him, "come on tell me".  than he finally told me.."ill tell u on the quincenera!"

i couldnt wait til' than so i told him to tell me..and finally he did...he asked me if i wanted to be his girlfriend!


The deal was that i wouldn't respond until the day after in the quincenera..but i couldnt wait..that day in the afternoon i saw him in the quincenera practice with his sister..and i told him that i was going to tell him the answer but he was like, "no no no..until tomorrow"


Than the quincenera came and the night went by and he wouldnt arive but than around 9 pm he arived from a scripture contest at church that i was not able to go to..after he hugged me and i had to go dance the surprise dance so i wasnt able to talk to him..after the dance i went to join him and i told him that he knew the.."yes!"


We have been together since January 6, 2007 and today is january 7, 2008

We have a year and a day..and up to now we love eeachother..yes we have had ups and downs but everytime we end up loving eachother even more..


We've talking about how we met eachother and how we were before getting together and its funny cuz he had noticed me way before talking to me and he says that he would think, "dang that girl is pretty". But never had the guts to talk to me. i keep telling if he would of just talked to me before we would have had more time together..and i wouldnt of been so sad after my bit**ass ex boyfriend.


But now im SO HAPPY with him and I WOULD NOT CHANGE HIM FOR THE WORLD!!. We still attend the same church and everyone at church thinks we have a future like we do.. We plan to get married in a couple of years and have a family!



~~*JR*~~ Por La Eternidad!!!



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