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      Cant we be like we were before?


He was always there for me specially when i have no one to turn to. He never left my side whenever im in trouble or into a situation i can't handle alone. There was this car accident i had got into, and my legs got injured, that i can't even stand. He was there, and he helped me out, gave me courage so i could not give up and so i could live my life normally again. He stood by my side like i was the most important person in his life. We're just friends, thats all.. But what he doesn't know is that im in love with him for the simple things he's done for me and because he showed me what life really is and that he showed me his best and his worst side. He never actually had a girlfriend, and people mostly think that we are a couple.

There where i stood helpless, he took my hand and led me through which was right. There are times when i cry, he would just do that funny face and i would laugh. When we have nothing to do, we go for a walk and pretend like were talking about something when were not. We're both crazy our moms would say. Sometimes, we act like kids and we ride a bike together and go yell on the street. We would even make a snowman during winter. WE would laugh like theres no one around us and we would play golf even if we don't know how to. WE would go at a roof top and shout our burdens. We go to a river we called ours and we would swim and play around like a child. He brings out the best in me. We share the same favorites, from food to color. Sometimes i even think that maybe we're destined to be together. I always pray, we are though.

Sad to think those days are over.

He met this Vegas girl, and started going out. He's smile was no longer for me, he's time was spent with her and most, he's attention is no longer in me. But despite all this i tried hard to get over it. But my heart can't seem to find a way to forget him. He avoids me now, which her Vegas girl commanded him. IS till hold on to our memories, but i no longer believe in what i used to.

Facing reality, i should stop hoping for old days to come back. I'm heading to Alaska one of these days, and he knows that, bet he heard about it, but he never called or even said hello so i guess he really doesn't care anymore.


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