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I'm young but don't let my age deceive you. I first met him in third grade i thought it was going to be a good friendship because he was like me everyone picked on him. Because he and I were " different. " So i made his esteem fill and guess what?

He changed so much he hung out with the bullies all day. My heart lurched every time i saw him. And he could tell. I knew somewhere down there though he was still there jumping for me. So the year went on, and I kept telling myself it was not love at first sight but when he entered the room or someone said his name i felt like i was going to explode with embarrassment.

One day it seemed so peaceful but yet to come was terrible. It all started when a bully threw food at him. At lunch he was walking through the upper level hall way and he claims the bullies came and punched him. At the lunch tables he yelled out: " This IS illegal! I have the RIGHT to call 911! " and i told him: " Ben what can you do we're in school. " the day ended but little did i know it was the last time i would see him there.

He never returned to school, he left and changed schools. My heart is still in pieces. I'll never be totally happy again. That's my story of my depressed life.


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