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      Cheater, Liar, You name it!


My junior year, nothing to worry to much about except grades and my all time love, volleyball, at least, until I found the guy of my dreams.. or so I thought. 

We met in a class that I had. We had never really talked to each other before, until this class, when we had to sit next to each other. We hit it off right away, he was the Senior wide receiver for our football team and I was a bench warmer for the volleyball team.

I forgot to mention his past. He was known as a player.. but from what I saw, I thought he had changed. He was so good to me, he did everything for me, I kept telling myself it was unreal. He bought me flowers for no reason, always ditched his friends for me, but most of all he was always there for me. That was until the day before Christmas, after three months we had been dating, a best friend of his tells all. That he has been cheating on me.. for months. I couldn't believe it. I was absolutely devastated, torn, felt like throwing up because it hurt so bad.

We worked all that out, but I later decided that I would give him another chance, my mistake.. It never stopped, just got worse. He cheated on me with one of my closest friends and other girls in my school. It was awful!

Even though he screwed up and I got back together with him, I dumped his a** and have learned my lesson. I am now with an amazing guy and loves me so much. Doesn't cheat and I've known him all my life because we've been best friends!


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