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      Is it love


i moved from my country to a different country to get education then i got to know a girl who i really liked from the first time i saw here ,we got along with each other and started going out together ,she was the only thing that i can think about and can imagine in my life,i told her every signle thing in my life ,told her every secret i have ever had ,used 2 drive an hour to go see her everyday ,loved her to death all this was not enough for her and dont know why???anyways 2 weeks ago we got into a fight and we broke up for the first time after 16 months of a relationship and after we broke up i found out that she used 2 lie about alot of stuff in the relationship and she used 2 talk with her ex boy friend behind my back and alot of different lies,, i dont know wht to do now ,i am so lost and confused about everything ,,need an advice please/


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