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      How i was stupid to loose the girl i loved.


Well i am one of the stupidest guys ever. You see usually i would just go from girl to girl thinking i love them... But really i just like them. When i met this girl.. She was 14 and i was 13. (same school classes) and well i never new what true love was. Until i met a girl. She was smart/beautiful and fun. We had gone on and off for 2 months. We were a great couple, Usually i would hook up or kiss chicks just for fun... But when i kissed this girl.. I Knew it was the start of something new. But what ended out to be a disaster what was my fault. I Have no way of going back now.. A simple ONE TEXT (i no text) :( was about we need to talk and why are you being like this. I did not realise it was not her. And she took it as i dumped her. So for a month now.. I still like her and have been asked out 4 times.. But for some reson... I just dont know if i can go back there.

From Heartbroken.


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