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      Walking away..


Im just one of those ordinary girls in our town. Although, people say I belong to the high society cause of my looks, i just ignore them. My family isn't rich as the others but i can say we're not that poor either. I met Sander at school, he's my classmate in physics subject, and my lab partner. We became friends and we got along very okay. We shared a lot in common despite our difference specially when it comes to family status. I had loved him ever since but i never told him. He doesn't know. I never wanna tell him cause i know he won't ever like me. I know, that a girl who belongs in their world should be the one for him and it's clear to see it isn't me, cause i'm not just like the other girls around him. When we we're in College we entered same State and same course too. We became closer until he told me he loved me, i was dumbfounded by that but i can't pursue it cause he already has a girlfriend and he can't easily break up with her cause it's their business at risk when he does so. We kept it a secret although we knew it was wrong, he told me that this girl really loved her but he said im the only one he loved all along, and that he's father just made up stuffs for them to meet each other and become a couple cause the family of the girl had a lot of share in their company. Thats why he needed so as also requested by the father of the girl.

It was Spring time when his girl friend came and talked to me. We went to this coffee shop and I was ready to tell her everything, i prepared for that day and i was ready to fight for my love but things changed when she begged as she cried for me to leave Sander. I got carried away and so i said okay.

Sander kept crying when i was breaking up with him but i did not tell him about what happened in the coffee shop. He searched for reasons i didn't explain. I just walked out on him. Sad part is that after how many days, i heard from his friend that Sander talked to his father a day before we broke up and he faught for his feelings where in her mom understood him and he was supposed to suprise me with that but then i broke up with him. I heard he really got himself depressed on our break up and he tried to be happy with his girlfriend, but he wasn't. After 3 months, he broke up with this girl and he was getting back to me, he did everything and i loved him for that, i was ready again but i thought he deserved better, a girl who belongs to their high society, and that factor was the first i thought, about our status in life which he never wanted to talk about cause for him, it doesn't matter, but for me, it did matter thats why i walked out again. i know i hurted him do much and i can never forgive myself for that but its done.i too got hurt but it made me more determined to reach my goal so i could belong someday and that i wouldn't be ashamed anymore, that his family could accept me.

After graduation i Left and went to work my ass off. I never saw him since then but i always loved him and he has been my inspiration.

I got back when i had a good job and im on top already.

I was no longer afraid that hes parents would not want me and i was ready to fight again and agan just to have him back, cause i wouldn't be where i am today if not because of him. But time passed and things were different.

I was back at our school for the reunion and when i saw him, i was the first to get near him.

Sander: hey! how've U've bin? so gud 2 see u hir..


to be continued.Got no time anymore. My Boss is here..


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