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      Time to let go?


a while ago i sent in my story about a relationship i had with my first love, except it had only been 3 months. for those of you who didnt read it, heres a breif version. he split up with his girlfriend for me and we were madly in love for a year, then things started to go down hill, we fought all the time and he made me feel rubbish. he then told me he liked someone else, and i got really upset and told him i loved him alot. he still went to her.

its now been 8 months and i still have strong feelings for him, but hes in love with his new girlfriend, who stole him from me. I'm not sure if I'm still in love with him or not, its hard to tell but seeing them together just kills me. The new year started and i decided it was time to well and truly get over him, so i went to the party that his new girlfriend invited me to. At midnight i went up to her and gave her a hug, we connected, i thought we could be friends. Later on in the night she got sick with alcohol and i looked after her with my ex, we got on really well and talked for hours. Then his new girlfriend woke up and joined in and i suddenly felt very uncomfortable, we all then lay down to sleep and they slept in the bed together curled up, whilst i lay on the floor at the side - worst night sleep ever! help.. am i taking things too fast by throwing myself into a friendship with her.. or is it what i need to do? watching them together is horrible because they now both think I'm okay with it and act all over each other,but i cant tell them! i still want to be my ex's friend because we got on really well, am i just being stupid? any advice welcome!


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