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      Will I ever come out of it


Deep brown eyes trickling over me every night in my dreams, I still feel him near me, am I day-dreaming? or have I gone mad, when I look over the mirror he reflects back, you will think I'm crazy, even I think so.

3 years since we are apart, I think I still am madly in love with him. I can remember him saying that he Luvs me, would never ditch me. Every night before sleep I think about him, his promises, were they true or just something as good as bluff. He said he couldn't live without me a single day.

For 3 years I cry every night, remembering the sweet times we had together. everything was fine, suddenly my life became a big mess, as he just said break off.

He didn't even feel the need to tell me what was the problem, all I could hear from him was he had some family problems. I didn't even ask what were they, how could he do this to me was the only thing I could think. We were so good together, where did our love go wrong, was it my mistake, or his. Thousands of questions unanswered, which trouble me every night, suck away my dreams. I can never ever tell it in words how that feels.

Here I am waiting for my love to come back or some one who can make my life a bit less miserable, I don't see any signs of hope any more in my self. I look over the horizon and glance at the endless sky and think does my luv ever have a horizon, when will I meet someone who really loves me.


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