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      Selfish love


i was once in relationship with a guy who did nothing for me he always asked me for what ever he wanted and i gave it to him he wasn't working and his brothers shot and killed some months be for we got involved i then started mining his sickly brother and him too because of my job description i make a good amount of money and he knows that one day he fell sick i went and spent all my money that i had saved up to buy him a gift when the gift couldn't be bought he called me names i then told him that he didn't love me and that he was using me now when i fell sick i thought he would've came to see me one day past no him 2days no him when i finally couldn't take waiting on him it was two weeks later i was really mad i got worst in to my sickness so i had to be admitted to hospital only to find out i was pregnant with his baby one month and build ed up the courage to finally tell him when i called he told me hes in another relationship and he loves that person i said what and what am i suppose to do about my pregnancy he said to throw it away well the next day enraged as i was i knew he liked to lie so i went over to talk with him as i opened the door there he was sitting on the bed with another girl well what was even worse she was way bigger that me in size that is when i saw him i started to cry left historically and went home the next day i had an abortion  cried Little moved on he still calls me to say is me he love and not another but life goes on now im married got 3 kids and my husband is the best i cant ask for any one else



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